Imaging Jobs

Medical imaging is important to the success of Snoqualmie Valley Hospital District because it allows medical specialists to gain a more immediate and accurate understanding of a patient’s condition. Our full-service imaging department services include X-rays, MRI’s, CT’s, ultrasounds, bone density tests (DEXA), stress echocardiograms and modified barium swallow tests. Our department is small enough that team members develop close relationships with the people they work with.

“I have worked at Snoqualmie Valley Hospital for over five years, and I love the friendly atmosphere. The first time I came into this hospital the first thing I noticed is how clean this facility is, and I am still amazed how they keep it so clean. I have been in the imaging business for 21 years and have worked at hospitals of all sizes and never have I worked at a place that feels like home. Snoqualmie Valley Hospital feels like home!”
-Greg Merrill, RT

Snoqualmie Valley Hospital District Jobs