Job: ER Tech - Part Time

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

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ER Tech - Part Time
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Snoqualmie, WA 98065

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OBJECTIVE SUMMARY: According to department policies, procedures and protocols, assists healthcare team members in delivering patient care to emergency room patients. This includes preparing patients for examinations and treatments, taking patient histories and vital signs, obtaining specimens, setting-up rooms with necessary supplies and equipment, and assisting physicians and staff nurses during treatments.


  • Transports or escorts patients to examination area, treatment rooms, nursing units, and the like. Assists with removal of casts and setting up Bucks traction.
  • Interviews patient to obtain brief health history and determine current condition requiring emergency treatment. Takes and records patient's vital signs.
  • Obtains specimens from patient for laboratory analysis. Instructs patient in proper method for obtaining other specimens. Properly labels specimens, completes requisition, and forwards to laboratory.
  • Sets up various types of equipment and attaches patient to same, according to physician orders. Monitors equipment to ensure its proper operation.
  • Performs various basic patient care procedures as per physician orders including administering oxygen, scrubbing and cleaning wounds, irrigating eyes and ears, checking visual acuity,and the like.
  • Assists physicians and/or staff nurses during various clinical procedures. This includes suctioning patients, splinting, passing supplies and instruments, suturing and removing sutures and staples, providing emergency oxygen therapy to trauma patients, performing CPR, and the like.
  • Observes patients during and after treatments and reports adverse reactions or changes in condition to healthcare team members.
  • Maintains clean and safe patient care area by cleaning and stocking patient care rooms, checking equipment for proper operation, wiping surfaces of furniture and fixtures with disinfectants, removing waste/garbage, and changing linens.
  • Administers the following therapeutic treatments: Incentive Spirometry, and Airway Clearance, following appropriate protocols as outlined in policy and procedure.
  • Administers all oxygen therapy and associated duties such as set up, changes, documentation, equipment changes and checks proper function.
  • Administers Pulse Oximetry, Transcutaneous Monitors and End Tidal CO2 Monitors and completes associated duties such as rounds, set up, changes, documentation, equipment changes and checks proper function.
  • Responds to all emergency/critical care situations and follows established procedure and duties such as CPR with emphasis on airway maintenance and ventilation. Intubates and ventilates as needed. Does chest compressions, Code Blue and Code Red, as needed.
  • Performs other duties as assigned, some of which may be essential to the job.
  • Performs Unit Clerk duties such as answering telephones, maintaining patient records, and the like. Obtains supplies for department from Central Supply.

REQUIRED EDUCATION: High School diploma or equivalent plus one to two years of post-High School training

PREFERRED EXPERIENCE: One year of experience as an EMT/Emergency Department Technician preferred


  • Ability to interact effectively with minimal supervision using good judgment, common sense, leadership ability and a thorough understanding of the principles of emergency medical care at the basic level.
  • Ability to interact effectively and professionally with patients, hospital personnel, emergency service providers, fire department personnel and the general public.
  • Knowledge of medical terminology and procedures common to the ER department.
  • Knowledge of universal precautions.
  • Knowledge of basic anatomy and disease processes.
  • Knowledge of applicable federal, state, tribal and local regulations and requirements.
  • Skill in verbal and written communication.
  • Skill in providing basic technical emergency care.
  • Skill in assessing and prioritizing multiple tasks, projects and demands.
  • Skill in operating a personal computer utilizing a variety of software applications.
  • Familiar with simple medical laws and ethics, i.e., consents, confidentiality, etc.
  • Knowledge of all policies and procedures regarding: admitting, transferring, and discharge of patients.
  • Knowledge of processing or orders, routine, and STAT. Entering charges in the charge master, makes patient transportation arrangements, etc.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Exposure to solvents, chemicals, and cleaning solutions as applied to departmental MSDS sheet. Must use personal protective equipment/devices to avoid direct contact with blood and body fluids, sharps, chemicals, etc. as they apply to each department

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Ability to sit, stand, walk for long periods of time over the course of up to a 16 hour shift. May occasionally encounter verbally abusive or combative customers. Must be able to lift approximately 30 pounds and participate in team lift activities utilizing safe patient handling techniques and safe body mechanics. Must be able to make decisions under pressure. Must be able to work under emotionally stressful conditions.

Required Skills

Certification as CNA, or CMA. Previous experience in an Emergency Department or an acute care setting required.