Job: Accounts Payable Clerk - Temporary

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

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Accounts Payable Clerk - Temporary
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Snoqualmie, WA 98065

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Accounts Payable Clerk - Temporary position

Position Summary:
Reviews, researches and processes vendor invoices and voucher requisitions by adhering to accounting policies and procedures in order to produce accurate financial statements and ensure timely payment of hospital bills. Reports to: Supervisor, Accounts Payable.

Managerial/Supervisory Responsibilities:

Accountabilities/Essential Job Functions:

  1. Prepares invoices and requisitions for electronic batch processing according to established accounting practices and purchasing policies to ensure accurate and timely payment of hospital bills.
  2. Prioritizes invoices for timely payment according to contractual agreements with vendors to meet financial requirements of the hospital and all affiliated companies and to maintain credit ratings.
  3. Maintains and monitors multiple entity records (non profit/for profit companies) by reviewing vendor invoices for taxing requirements in order to maintain compliance with all IRS regulations including 1099 income reporting requirements and taxing laws.
  4. Maintains checks and balances to the system by researching and resolving discrepancies with vendors and hospital departments in accordance with established procedures to make timely payments and provide accurate financial reporting.
  5. Maintains appropriate records by following department procedure for matching checks to documentation in order to meet audit requirements.
  6. Performs balancing procedures by verifying invoice batch information entered into the system to system generated reports. Balancing ensures integrity of payment to vendor and protection of hospital assets.


Education/Training: High School graduate

Experience: Minimum two years of experience with automated accounts payable/materials management processes.

License/Certification: N/A

Skills: Strong oral and written communication skills; as well as organizational skills. Computer/interpersonal skills mandatory.

Environmental and Job Hazards: None

Required Skills

Minimum of two years of experience with automated accounts payable/materials management processes.